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The conference will be promoted and hosted by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) – a centennial institution, which is nationally and internationally acknowledged as one of the most qualified Brazilian educational centers. The UFRGS is a public institution at the service of the Brazilian society. The institution is committed to the future and to the development of a critical conscience; thus, it respects differences, prioritizes experimentation and, above all, reaffirms its commitment to education and to knowledge production, since it is inspired by the ideals of freedom and solidarity. The institution counts on qualified teaching professionals and currently offers 94 undergraduate and 147 lato sensu post-graduate courses, besides other professional training and distance learning programs.

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Membresía ALASRU


Resultados Evaluación de Resúmenes

Se encuentran disponibles los resultados de la evaluación de resúmenes

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Pre Congreso ALASRU 2017

25-27 de octubre de 2017
Morelia, Michoacán, México

"Ruralidades sin muros:  El campo mexicano en la encrucijada"

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Convocatoria para enviar artículos (ReLaER)

La Revista Latinoamericana de Estudios Rurales invita a enviar artículos originales de investigación para su publicación en los próximos números de la misma

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3° Congreso Mundos de Mulheres (MM) y Seminário Internacional Fazendo-Genero 11 (FG)

30/07/2017 a 04/08/2017

Simpósios Temáticos

Deadline: 17/12/2017

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Revista Alasru 10

Memorias Congreso 2014


Constituyente 1502, 5º piso - Oficina 509 - Montevideo, 11.200 - Uruguay
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